Safety in Tank Cleaning

Only use certified equipment for tank cleaning be safe. Safety in tank cleaning is essential

There seem to be a lot of things happening in the tank cleaning world.

Safety: It appears a European tank cleaning manufacturer has been supplying equipment for many years certified to ATEX.

It seems this equipment is apparently non-compliant.

So this is a very serious and a worrying matter that concerns the safety and protection of workers’ lives.

My advice is not to use self-certification by the actual manufacturers. Just make sure certification is made by a certified body.

I have also seen photographs and videos of equipment working inside or proposed to work inside crude or petroleum product tanks.

These are made by various manufacturers around the world.

Some of these have steel (not stainless) rotating devices that can easily make sparks with metal-to-metal contact and create a fire or explosion.

Others have non-stainless steel parts that could easily come into contact with steel surfaces or parts of a tank. All of these are easy contenders to cause accidents.

Just seen another of these ROVs with an auger and a steel hydraulic motor sticking out of the side. This can easily come in contact with steel surfaces inside a tank such as roof legs, pipes, and tank walls.

So this is just one of many examples of total disregard for safety and where is the certification for this equipment and does it conform?

Safety is paramount in any industry. All manufacturers and users of equipment used for tank cleaning in hazardous areas should be putting this first. It is unfortunate that many are not.

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